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A list of selected peer-reviewed publications, theses and unpublished technical reports from recent years, many of which are available via this link


  • Tweedley, J.R., Hallett, C.S., Warwick, R.M., Clarke, K.R., Potter, I.C. (2015). The hypoxia that developed in a microtidal estuary following an extreme storm produced dramatic changes in the benthos. Marine and Freshwater Research. In press (MF14216, accepted 09 February 2015).
  • Tweedley, J.R., Warwick, R.M., Potter, I.C., Can biotic indicators distinguish between natural and anthropogenic environmental stress in estuaries? Journal of Sea Research. In press. (doi:10.1016/j.seares.2015.04.001).
  • Potter, I.C., Tweedley, J.R., Elliott, M., Whitfield, A.K. (2015). The ways in which fish use estuaries: a refinement and expansion of the guild approach. Fish and Fisheries 16: 230-239.
  • Coulson, P.G., Platell, M.E., Clarke, K.R., Potter, I.C. (2015). Dietary variations within a family of ambush predators (Platycephalidae) occupying different habitats and environments in the same geographical region. Journal of Fish Biology 86: 1046-1077.
  • Veale, L., Coulson, P., Hall, N., Hesp, A., Potter, I.C. (2015). Age and size compositions, habitats, growth and reproductive characteristics of a terapontid (Pelates octolineatus) in coastal waters. Marine and Freshwater Research. In press.


  • Veale, L., Tweedley, J.R., Clarke, K.R., Hallett, C.S., Potter, I.C. (2014). Characteristics of the ichthyofauna of a temperate microtidal estuary with a reverse salinity gradient, including comparisons between decades. Journal of Fish Biology 85: 1320-1354.
  • Hallett, C.S. (2014). Quantile-based grading improves the effectiveness of a multimetric index as a tool for communicating estuarine condition. Ecological Indicators 39: 84-87.
  • Tweedley, J.R., Warwick, R.M., Clarke, K.R., Potter, I.C. (2014). Family-level AMBI is valid for use in the north-eastern Atlantic but not for assessing the health of microtidal Australian estuaries. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 141: 85-96.
  • Valesini, F.J., Tweedley, J.R., Clarke, K.R., Potter, I.C. (2014). The importance of regional, system-wide and local spatial scales in structuring temperate estuarine fish communities. Estuaries and Coasts 37: 525-547.
  • Cottingham, A., Hesp, S.A., Hall, N.G., Hipsey, M.R., Potter, I.C. (2014). Marked deleterious changes in the condition, growth and maturity schedules of Acanthopagrus butcheri (Sparidae) in an estuary reflect environmental degradation. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 149: 109-119.
  • Clarke, K.R., Tweedley, J.R., Valesini, F.J. (2014). Simple shade plots aid better long-term choices of data pre-treatment in multivariate assemblage studies. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 94: 1-16.
  • 119


  • Tweedley, J.R., Bird, D.J., Potter, I.C., Gill, H.S., Miller, P.J., O'Donovan, G., Tjakrawidjaja, A.H. (2013). Species compositions and ecology of the riverine ichthyofaunas in two Sulawesian islands in the biodiversity hotspot of Wallacea. Journal of Fish Biology 82: 1916-1950.
  • Tonge, J., Valesini, F.J., Moore, S.A., Beckley, L.E., Ryan, M.M. (2013). The relation between place attachment and management preferences of visitors at remote coastal campsites in Western Australia. Visitor Studies 16: 39-58.
  • Gardner, M.J., Cottingham, A., Hesp, S.A., Chaplin, J.A., Jenkins, G.I., Phillips, N.M., Potter, I.C. (2013). Biological and genetic characteristics of restocked and wild Acanthopagrus butcheri (Sparidae) in a southwestern Australian estuary. Reviews in Fisheries Science 21: 441-453.


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In prep. or submitted

  • Hallett, C.S., Valesini, F.J., Clarke, K.R., Hoeksema, S.D. (In review). Effects of a harmful algal bloom on the community ecology, movements and spatial distributions of fishes in a microtidal estuary.


  • Wildsmith, M. D., Rose, T.H., Potter, I.C., Warwick, R.M. and Clarke, K.R. Benthic macroinvertebrates as indicators of environmental deterioration in a large microtidal estuary. (2011). Mar. Pollut. Bull. 62 : 525-538.
  • Chuwen, B.M., Potter, I.C., Hall, N.G., Hoeksema, S.D. and Laurenson, L.J.B. (2011). Changes in catch rates and length and age at maturity, but not growth, of an estuarine plotosid (Cnidoglanis macrocephalus) after heavy fishing. Fish. Bull. 109: 247-260.
  • Hourston, M., Potter, I.C., Warwick, R.M. and Valesini, F.J. (2011). The characteristics of the nematode faunas in the sediments of a large microtidal estuary and coastal marine waters differ markedly. Estuar. Cstl. Shelf Sci. 94: 68-76.
  • Potter, I.C., Chuwen, B.M., Hesp, S.A., Hoeksema, S.D. and Hall, N.G. (2011). Implications of the divergent use of a suite of estuaries by two exploited marine fish species. J. Fish Biol. 79: 662-691.
  • Bird, D.J., Duquesne, S., Hoeksema, S.D., Langston, W.J. and Potter, I.C. (2011). Complexity of spatial and temporal trends in metal concentrations in macroinvertebrate biomonitor species in the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel Channel. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. UK. 91: 139-153.
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  • Valesini, F.J., Hourston, M., Wildsmith, M.D., Coen, N.J. and Potter, I.C. (2010). New quantitative approaches for classifying and predicting local-scale habitats in estuaries. Estuar. Cstl Shelf Sci. 86: 645-664.
  • Potter, I.C., Chuwen, B.M., Hoeksema, S.D., Elliot, M. (2010). The concept of an estuary: a definition that incorporates systems which can become closed to the ocean and hypersaline. Estuar. Cstl Shelf Sci. 87: 497-500.
  • Hallett, C.S. (2010). The development and validation of an estuarine health index using fish community characteristics (PhD thesis, Murdoch University).
  • Tweedley, J.R. (2010). Relationships between faunal assemblages and habitat types in Broke Inlet, Western Australia (PhD thesis, Murdoch University).
  • Coulson, P.G., Veale, L., Hoeksema, S., Hall, N., Potter, I.C. (2010). Fish fauna of the Peel-Harvey and Leschenault Estuaries. Western Australian Marine Science Institution Project 4.2.1a Final Report, Murdoch University.
  • Veale, L., Coulson, P.G., Hoeksema, S., Tweedley, J., Hall, N., Potter, I.C. (2010). The characteristics of the fish and crab assemblages of ­the Leschenault Estuary. Inter-period comparisons and their management implications. South West Development Commission final report, Murdoch University.


  • Hourston, M., Potter, I.C. Warwick, R.M. Valesini, F.J. Clarke, K.R. (2009). Spatial and seasonal variations in the ecological characteristics of the free-living nematode assemblages in a large microtidal estuary. Estuar. Cstl. Shelf Sci. 82 : 309-322.
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  • Potter, I.C., French, D.J.W., Jenkins, G.I., Hesp, S.A., Hall, N.G. and de Lestang, S. (2008). Comparisons of the growth and gonadal development of otolith-stained, cultured black bream, Acanthopagrus butcheri, in an estuary with those of its wild stock. Rev. Fish. Sci. 16: 325-338.
  • Coulson, P.G. (2008). The biology of three teleost species with divergent life cycle characteristics and their implications for fisheries management. (PhD Thesis, Murdoch University).